Tuesday, March 3

Feeding Time At the Zoo

Sarah : I showed Dan Sarah's "new trick". I give her a Mum Mum (like a wafer cookie thingy, for all of you who don't spend every minute of every day with babies). She looks at the Mum Mum, throws it and watches me. When I pick it up, Sarah screams with laughter. I did this a couple of times to amuse both Dan and Sarah. Then I put the Mum Mum on the island and went about getting dinner ready. Dan threw the Mum Mum on the floor. Without thinking, I picked it up and gave it back to him. He screamed with laughter. He threw it on the floor again. Trust me, the screaming that was then heard was not filled with laughter!

Bethie : The dessert tonight was cookies (please see previous post). Katie ate all her chicken and most of her broccoli so I let her have a cookie. Bethie hadn't eaten anything. When she saw that Katie got a cookie-pink, no less, that's her favourite colour!- she put every piece of chicken in her mouth at once. Dan had to pull most of it out, and Bethie was forced to eat the chicken at an agonizingly slow rate while watching Katie have a cookie. She was in a panic that none of the FORTY cookies that I made would be left for her. She got her cookie. Then the girls made me pack some up so we can give them to Uncle Bobby when he comes down this week. Sorry Bob.

Katie : Katie was quite happily eating her cookie. I asked her if I could eat her remaining broccoli. She said I could. I put a piece on my fork and noticed that there was something funny looking on it. I put the piece back on her plate, said "What's this gunk?", and ate the other piece she had left. As I was chewing, Katie said "Oh. I sneezed and forgot to cover my mouth." I spat out the broccoli! I knew that there were gross aspects of being a parent, but COME ON! Later it was determined that the gunk was apple sauce, but I am still grossed out.

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