Tuesday, March 3

Fancy Shmancy!

Katie, as per usual, woke up first and was dressed before breakfast. She was very excited because Mum had purchased a new outfit for the twins and today was the first day that she got to wear it. Bethie was still in her PJs. Here is the conversation at breakfast:

Bethie: Katie, you have a bow on your bottom.

Katie: Do you love it?!

Bethie: It's funny.

Katie: No. It's fancy!

Of course, Katie had to do a photo shoot wearing her new fancy outfit. It cracked me up! I didn't pose her at all! Her belly looks a bit big. That's because there are about 500 fluffs in her shirt.


Zaida said...

In this photo, Katie looks a lot like Wendy!

Gwen said...

Funny. When I saw this photo, I thought that Katie doesn't look like anyone, not even herself!