Monday, March 23


Technically, it's spring. It was a wee bit chilly on Sunday, but we decided to take the kids out and run them. We walked to the local park, which they call the "Emilie Park".

Sarah got her first ride on the swing. Didn't enjoy it as much as I had thought she would. Bethie quite liked having Sarah in the swing next to her.

Katie wanted to push Sarah. That was fun until I was told to take Sarah out and put her in!

We all took turns raking the lawn. Bethie is pictured. Dan took down the Christmas lights (Dad, apparently one doesn't have to wait until July!)

The twins dug up my garden while I finished the raking. Katie was tired by this point and needed to sit on my rock while she dug.I tried to explain to them that the plants aren't dead, they are dormant. Therefore, don't dig them up or walk on them. I need to have the same discussion with the mail man!


Lara said...

How'd your neighbourhood get rid of so much snow already!? Looks like a fun outing:)

Gwen said...

The front of our house faces south. Also, we are not nearly as lucky as you because there are no mature trees in our neighbourhood. It's sad when the children say "Let's run around the Charlie Brown tree!".