Monday, March 9

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Uncle Bobby came down this weekend. The twins wanted to celebrate his birthday. Only problem was that it wasn't his birthday. Did this slow us down? NO! My friend, Big Sarah, baked him a birthday cake. She forgot to put oil in it. Ha! A kindred spirit! The twins sat on the floor with Big Sarah and licked the bowl. By the time they were done, they were COVERED in cake mix!

I made Twice Baked potatoes, but didn't bake the potatoes completely. Big Sarah expressed some concerned because there were big, hard, unbreakable rocks in my mashed potatoes. I reassured her that the guys wouldn't notice. They didn't.
We had Princess party hats with matching plates. Wiggly candles. The whole works. The twins were thrilled! Bobby, too, seemed to enjoy himself. Whenever he wanted something he would remind us that it was his "birthday" and we had to be extra sweet to him!

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