Monday, March 2

Naughty Rainbow!

The twins were never very good at motor skills, fine or otherwise. I would watch my nephews in amazement as they climbed and jumped and put on their boots. My brother, Sean, comforted Dan and I by saying that his kids mastered the "monkey skills". My kids had mastered the "human skills", like talking and rationalizing and thinking things through. We were really pleased. Our girls can't kick a ball very well but they are super smart!

Today, the window in the front door was acting as a prism and casting a "rainbow" into the living room. The twins realised that when they danced in the rainbow, the light picked up on the "shimmer" in their jeans. They had so much fun dancing in the light. Even little Sarah was in there, putting her sweet little hand in and out of the rainbow.

The good times ended when the light wouldn't follow them around the living room or into the kitchen. To solve this problem, they decided to catch the light and throw it onto each other. But they couldn't catch the light. Nothing but anger followed. It was then that I thought, "They don't have monkey skills or human skills. Good thing they're gorgeous!".

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