Tuesday, March 3

The Hard Way

I'm good at a lot of things. Most of the things I am good at are the types of things that no one comments on. For example, no one has ever said to me "You did an excellent job of writing me up!" or "Great job at firing that guy. When it's my turn to go, can you do it just like that?". But I do have my strong suits.

Cooking is my Achilles Heel. I do try, without much success. Things just don't work out as anticipated. For instance, today I made sugar cookies and I used my fancy Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II press which boasts it's "The Best In The World". Here's where I suspect I may have gone wrong:

  1. I didn't have white flour so I used whole wheat flour.
  2. To disguise the fact that I used whole wheat flour, I used red food colouring to dye the dough pink.
  3. It didn't taste right, so I added more sugar.
  4. I forgot to add the egg.
  5. I chilled the dough which is apparently a faux pas for the Wonderful Wilton Press.
  6. I greased the cookie sheet which totally effected how well the cookies come out of the press (who would've guessed that?)

The result? Crappy cookies with rather pretty shapes, but a weird colour. I'll give them to Dan and the girls. They won't notice a thing.


Anonymous said...

If you were going to just do it your way...why did you ask for a recipe? Next time I'll pull directions out of a hat for you and then when you decide to go it on your own and switch them up maybe you'll get it right!! So typically you though! I had a good laugh!

Gwen said...

Sarah (my friend, not the baby) made a cake at my house this weekend. Turns out that she's just like me. She didn't put oil in the cake! It was typically me, wasn't it? I do have good intentions, but I lack patience and concentration!