Friday, March 13

Sweetness and Light

This week, Katie was sick so I kept the girls home from daycare for three days. Instead of doing my regular routine, I played Leap Frog for 2 1/2 hours, had a "picnic" twice, played camp out, played Hallowe'en, watched The Wiggles 47 times, "baked" cookies (the Pillsbury kind that are pre-made and pre-cut), read 500 stories, and did crafts until my entire house was covered in finely cut pieces of paper. I sent them to daycare today. I am too tired to continue all this fun!

At one point, Katie and Bethie wanted to dress up as "Fairy Princesses". I pulled out their costumes that I had carefully stored away. I produced Bethie's tiara, tutu, wings, wand, and "diamond" bracelet. As I was pulling out Katie's costume, I realised that her wand was lost. She freaked. "No fear", I told her, "as I can make a new one". After two attempts at making a magical wand, I was told what an idiot I was and that I must examine Bethie's wand more CLOSELY. I did what I was told (mostly because Katie was shoving the wand in my face and crying). It was good "advice" because my third attempt at wand building was very successful, especially after I put "pixie dust" (glimmer) on the wand.

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