Sunday, January 18

And On The Seventh Day We Rested

When I went into the twins' bedroom this morning to wake up Bethie (Katie was in my bed), she sat bolt upright in her bed and asked, "What day is it today?". I thought about lying, but I figured that she's only 3 and I am trying to teach them the days of the week. I said "Sunday". Bethie grinned from ear to ear and said "Are we going to church today?". Damn. At that point, I knew I should have lied about the day of the week. I said (with mock sorrow) "No". Bethie was quite upset and demanded to know why I was dodging church.

I wasn't going because it was COLD outside. Because I had been up until 4am with Katie who was very ill. Because Katie was still sick and still sleeping. Because Dan got up at 4:30am to deal with Sarah and he had only just gone back to bed. Because we had skipped the baths the night before and if we went to church all 5 of us would have to bathe immediately. Because a week's worth of laundry, and cleaning, and groceries had to be taken care of and I was quickly running out of time. Because the Reverend had given us advance warning that his sermon was going to be extra long today. Because I HATE sitting in the church basement because the twins are too timid to go to Sunday school without parental supervision.

I didn't say any of this to Beth. Instead, I said "We're not going because the Reverend is throwing up". She accepted this and said that she would colour a picture today instead.

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Mum said...

Oh dear! What would Rev. Bailey say! Fortunately I was at Church to wave the flag and Rev. Bailey made a special point of coming over to me and asking about you and the "Church Dancers" which always warms up his sermons!