Monday, January 26

Mother of the Year 2009

I know that we're not even through January yet, but my chances of winning the Mother of the Year Award for 2009 are pretty slim. I was doing well in 2008, despite the fact that my kids were ALWAYS sick. I tried hard. I did crafts and baking and activities. I held the kids while they threw up, I cozied them in their beds, and I would always "Stop, Drop, and Cuddle". But 2008 was blown for me when my 3 year old Katie listed everything that was wrong with me and said that she would run "far, far away from home". I thought to myself "2009 is a new year. I can do it!". Then my baby Sarah got sick. It didn't seem that bad . I thought she had a cold. I thought her wheeziness was due to "ineffective coughing". WRONG. My baby has an ear infection and pneumonia! The doctor said that if her breathing doesn't improve within 24 hours, I have to take her to CHEO. I must be the only mother out there that thinks a 9 month old baby is faking!

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