Friday, January 30


  1. Katie and Bethie went to the eye doctor today. They won't need surgery, but they will need glasses all their lives. They are far sighted.
  2. Sarah is still sick, but nothing like she was earlier this week. She's eating more, but still not enough. She is also wheezy at times. We didn't go to CHEO.
  3. I went to take a picture of all Dan's laundry in the crib and Dan said, "Oh! Are you cleaning it up now?". He is still missing the point. So, the strike continues.
  4. Dinners are becoming a tad easier. I told the twins that the mothers of Dora and the Backyardigans gave me recipes. They are now enjoying "Dora's Favourite Chicken" and "Pablo's Pork". Thanks, Mum, for the suggestion!
  5. The Battle of the Poop continues, and I'm losing.

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