Wednesday, January 14

One Person's Sick Day is Another Person's Vacation Day

Tuesday at 2am was when I knew I was so sick that I would die. I waited an hour and then informed the Love of My Life that he would have to take the day of work because I had Norwalk. My Love looked at me and shouted "YOU PICKED A FINE DAY TO GET SICK! I can't take the day off work, there's no one to cover me". I pointed out that there was no one to cover me other than him. When Sarah woke up at 4am, I told Dan that he would have to take care of her. Dan again told me what a lousy day I had picked, there was no one to cover him, I was out of luck.... Then the violence of the Norwalk kicked in and I didn't hear anymore silliness from him. In fact, I have learned that Dan can be absolutely exceptional if there is proof of illness!

When the twins woke up, they were VERY pleased to see Dan. Then they toddled into my room looking for kisses from me. Dan went beserk. While scooping them both up he was shouting "DON'T GO NEAR MUMMY. SHE'S SICK!". The kids were crying and I shouted down to Dan that they didn't understand. The Love of My Life explained the situation as follows "Mummy has little buggies all over her body. If you touch her, the little buggies will go on you too!". My kids are envisioning spiders or other creepy crawlies on me, not invisible germs! Katie said "I don't want little buggies to get on me. That would be YUCKY".

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Mum said...

My poor baby! Sounds like you really had a miserable time. Norwalk can be brutal. However there is always a silver lining....Think of what you learned from this experience: Little buggies all over you might prove to be a good deterent for all kinds of things and especially washing your hands so the little buggies don't get inside you! You also learned that the whole Ottawa Hospital didn't have to shut down for the day beause there was no replacement for Dan!
There now - don't you feel better?