Wednesday, January 14

NORAD...Our Version of It

Katie loves fluffs (cotton balls). She loves to tickle her toes and her belly and her nose with fluffs. She leaves them in her shirt for safe keeping (this is one way we tell them apart in photos...take another look at the post that has the picture of Our Wee Ballerinas). She also loves to rip the fluffs into little pieces and leave them throughout the house, specifically on the floor. Dan and I spend our days picking up tiny pieces of fluffs. We have threatened to withhold fluffs if they are left on the floor. Why? Sarah eats fluffs. She can find a fluff anywhere. That's her super-power. We have explained to the twins that if Sarah swallows a fluff she will get very ill and we will have to take her to the hospital. Katie then swears that she will never, ever, ever leave a fluffs within Sarah's reach. Yet, the problem with fluffs continue. That's why we are lucky to have our Early Warning Detection Satellite, which we affectionately call Bethie. The Early Warning Detection Satellite keeps a very close eye on Sarah at all times. When Sarah gets a fluff, the Early Warning Detection Satellite shouts "Sarah, no!". This is followed by several shouts of "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy". If we haven't stepped in by this point, the Early Warning Detection Satellite will physically run to us, drag us to Sarah while shouting "SARAH HAS A FLUFF!". This allows us to mobilize before any fluffs are swallowed.


Lisa said...

I love Bethie...she's too sweet!

Mum said...

Sarah and Mandy have a lot in commanbecause she too likes to eat Katie's discarded fluffies. Mandy may swallow them, and I've pulled them out of her mouth but mainly I find them stuck to her wiskers! Thanks Katie! You are never far from our thoughts.