Thursday, January 8

What's The Record????

This morning, the twins lay in their beds and cried for 18 minutes (I timed it). At first they moaned and carried on, then they shouted down a detailed list of everything that was wrong with me and specifically how I've failed them. Why did this happen? I had said "Good morning".
When they finally calmed down but were still in their beds, I called Dan at work to tell him how wonderfully my day was going. For a laugh (and to prove to Dan that they've lost their minds), I shouted up "I love you" and they went off again. It's too bad that they have such a rotten mother!
It took me 2.5 seconds to get Sarah's snowsuit on this morning. It took me 40 MINUTES to get the twins in their snowsuits. I should win a medal for endurance!

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Mum said...

You should consider yourself lucky that after 40 minutes if endurance they didn't announce that they wanted to visit the bathroom again! Perhaps they are saving that one for a day when you have a doctor's appointment to attend.