Wednesday, January 28

The Scoop On Poop

When we were trying to potty train the girls, both kids refused to poop in the toilet. We had no idea what to do. Since they were obsessed with the Dora Themed Cakes from Loblaws, Emilie suggested that we tell the twins that if they did 10 poops in the toilet then I would get them a Dora cake. To track the poops, they would get a sticker and put it on the calendar. Bethie was very enthusiastic. She started pooping like a mad person. I couldn't believe it. She did so many poops that I started praying that she would poop in her Pull-Up so I wouldn't have to buy a cake so quickly. 38 hours after mentioning this deal to the twins, I was panic calling every Loblaws in the city to get a Dora cake for that evening. It cost me $30, but Bethie poops in the toilet.

Katie likes to wait until about 30 minutes after she's been put to bed and then she poops in her Pull Ups. I have tried everything short of buying a Dora slab cake. I told her that the princesses on the Pull Ups were angry. I told her that I wasn't going to let her have Pull Ups. I tried and tried to make her poop before bed. Nothing worked. Monday night, she confessed to Dan that she "saves" her poop so she can get out of bed and get another cuddle. That did it for me. Last night, I told her that she could have raisins and marshmallows with her breakfast if she didn't poop in her Pull Ups. She pooped in the toilet and I served my toddlers marshmallows with their breakfast! Tonight, she mentioned the deal and asked if it was ongoing. I told her it was, and up she popped up to the toilet and did her thing. So far, no poop in her Pull Ups.

What have I learned? My kids are motivated by food. Praise and stickers are nice, threats can be ignored, but food is gold!

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