Thursday, January 29

The Heart of My Home

My kitchen would never be featured in some glossy magazine. A real estate agent would flip out if she thought she had to list my house. I have "personalized" my home - somewhat. But I love it! I love it so much that I thought I would take a picture of my kitchen and post it. But the twins are at daycare and Sarah's asleep, and the essence of my kitchen would be lost. The magic of my kitchen begins with the three Dora place mats and the matching Dora calendar. It's the highchair that we pull over to the table so the 5 of us can have dinners together. It's the massive toys (thank you, Dan's parents) lining the perimeter that provide endless amount of entertainment to the three girls. It's the fridge absolutely covered in coupons, magnets, and photographs. It's in the fruit bowl that always has fresh fruit for the kidlings. It's in the buffet that's filled with crayons and My Little Pony colouring books. These things might show up in photographs, but the camera can't capture the wonderfulness of my kitchen unless it's seen "in action".

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