Thursday, January 15

Mac 'N' Crap

I made the recipe from the magazine for dinner tonight: Mac 'N' Cheeseburger Casserole. Well, it was almost the recipe. I didn't have ground beef, so I used ground pork (cheaper and yummy!). I didn't have stewed tomatoes in a can, so I used spaghetti sauce. I didn't have celery, so I just skipped it entirely. Other than that, I followed the recipe. I popped it in the oven and went to pick up the twins from Emilie's (daycare). As we were thinking about leaving, I said "Who's hungry?". Both girls jumped up and down and said "Me! Me!" and they looked towards Emilie for their next meal. I said "We're not having dinner at Emilie's house, I made dinner". Groans and cries followed. I swear, when I cook, I cook well. Anyway..... here's the dinner conversation:

Bethie: THIS IS YUCKY! (food fired across the table)
Me: You've never had it before. Try it.
Me: You eat this all the time at Emilie's house. It's the same! (Yup, I lie to my kids all the time)
Me: I'm NOT making another meal!

Dan was feeding the baby. Maybe he let his shoulders drop. Maybe he broke eye contact first. I didn't see it, but Katie did. She went in for the kill.

Katie: I want a peanut butter sandwich.

And we lost. Again.

P.S. It was a really yummy meal. Dan had seconds and is taking the leftover for lunch.


Mum said...

Just a little tip.....
Don't call anything by its name. Scrambled eggs becomes "Les oeufs" and meatloaf becomes "casserole supreme!"
Obviously your error was in serving "Mac'n'crap when really you should have been serving "Dora's Delicious Dish!"

Bibliomama said...

Hee -- we call that moment when we let them know they've won "the voice of defeat". I frequently play short order cook -- they're pretty easygoing kids, so I pick my battles. Peanut butter and whole wheat bread is a complete protein!
(I read your comment on Party of 3 about writing into an abyss, so I thought I'd visit -- love the fluff story).