Monday, September 27

The Fourth Child

Dan's grandmother and aunts gave the girls money for their birthdays. We took the three girls to the toy store and let them pick whatever they wanted (within reason) as a gift. It was very exciting. Amongst other things, the twins chose jewellery boxes. The kind that have the little ballerina dancing inside when the lid is lifted. The best bit? They got to paint their own boxes!

Here's Bethie's:

Here's Katie's:

Sarah got a Mickey Mouse DVD instead. She was thrilled with the DVD until she saw the dancing ballerina. She really, really wanted to watch that dancing ballerina. The twins "tried" to share with Sarah, but they quickly became worried that Sarah would take their boxes forever! Sarah only made things worse by grabbing the boxes and RUNNING away.

To prevent another war, Dan and I went back to the toy store and bought another jewellery box for Sarah. Since Dan has nothing better to do during the weekends, he decided that he would paint Sarah's box.

He was quite pleased with himself, and a little bit annoyed that the twins hadn't let him paint their jewellry boxes, too! Noting that I had taken pictures of Bethie's and Katie's boxes, he left "his" box out on the counter to ensure that I took a photo of it, too.

Ta da:

Well done, Dan. (Yes, I am rolling my eyes!)

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