Wednesday, September 29

School Photos

The twins started school this September. What does that mean for me? Well, yes, free child care. But, also, school photos!!!

In August, I had picked out the outfit that I wanted Katie and Bethie to wear for their first ever school photos. I had chosen identical little dresses. From Gymboree. From the "Smart Girls Rule Collection". The dresses were sooooo cute!

Exhibit A:

Did the twins wear these dresses on picture day? Nope. They wouldn't even try the dresses on. They chose other dresses. Lovely dresses. But not my preppy "Smart Girls Rule" dresses. Then, they chose their own hair styles. Katie wanted two pony tails. That was great. She looks cute like that. Bethie wanted to wear her hair "a little bit up, and a little bit down". This is not exactly the best look for Bethie, but I am just her mother, what do I know? To add insult to injury, Katie and Bethie insisted on choosing their own headbands. Katie chose a cheap headband from the Dollar Store. Bethie chose a lovely headband, but it didn't match the dress she had on.

Despite all these obstacles, they still managed to look cute!

Exhibits B and C:

That's my Beth.

Katie was up next, but Katie...wait for it...refused (!!!) to have her photo taken! If you recall, dear readers, that Katie is the child who routinely strikes a pose (or 17!) every time a camera comes out. Yet, she would not pose for the photographer...until Miss N told Bethie to stand beside Katie.

Exhibits D and E:

Then Katie got over her anxiety, and pushed Bethie aside.

Exhibits F and G:

Here's the best bit: the twins, apparently, go to a high tech elementary school. All these photos were shot in front of a green screen...and I get to chose from over 850 backgrounds. Yup, I have tried one or two of them out!

I have too much time on my hands.

Exhibit H:

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