Saturday, September 4

Stop Saying That!

Sarah is talking so much. Better still, she is communicating fairly complex things. This brings me an enormous amount of pride. However, she has also started to argue with me. This brings me an enormous amount of frustration...with the exception of one argument. This one cracks me up!

Me: I love you, Sarah.
Sarah: No, I love you!
Me: No, I love you!

And we go back and forth until Sarah gets mad and shouts, "Stop. Saying. That!". Sometimes, when I get bored, I initiate this argument just so I can have a giggle. I have also expanded on our repertoire to include "I miss you". I'm fun like that!


Lisa said...

I love this...I have also tried this with Gray; however, after saying I love you, all I got was "I love me too" end of conversation.

Sarah is super bright and such a delight...I wouldn't doubt that this little banter cracks her up too...

Gwen said...

Grayson makes me laugh! How very typical of him!