Tuesday, September 7


I start each day like a piece of bacon. I am woken up abruptly, and thrown onto the frying pan. Throughout the course of each day, the heat may be cranked up or turned down, depending of the whims of my little cherubs. By the end of most days, I am perfectly cooked. Sometimes a little bit burnt around the edges, but still pretty good.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been under an enormous amount of stress. Some of it real, and some of it blown way out of proportion because I am a perfectionist/control freak when it comes to my daughters. Regardless, the heat has been on!

I had hoped that once the girls started school, I would take a deep breath and go back to normal. That was not the case. By their first day of school, I had lost all perspective and control. To make matters worse, the first day of school ended badly. And then things went down hill from there.

I realised that I had a problem when I freaked out at the twins' daycare, cried when Katie told me that she didn't eat lunch because she couldn't open the Tupperware that I had sent to school with her, and yelled at Dan the he was the "Killer of All Things Fun". I was wound up!

In an effort to make Dan understand why I have lost my everlovin' mind, I told him my bacon analogy. Except I wasn't starting of the day as a raw piece of bacon. I was starting off as already cooked. The slightest problem was like cranking the heat up on the element, and causing me to burn. By the end of the day, I was so badly burnt that the figurative pan would have to be scraped clean. I was done.

Dan agreed to take me to the movies on Saturday night. I even got to choose the movie. We hardly ever go out, and I can only think of 2 times I have been to the movies since we were married 12 years ago.

We left about 6:15, and only missed about 45 minutes of the goodnight Hell that we normally go through with the children. But it was lovely. By the time we got back home, we actually missed the girls. I know, I was shocked, too!

But the next day, I was a raw piece of bacon again. Because of my sanity being restored, I decided that we would spend Sunday morning exploring Strathcona Park. That evening, the children made us take them to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. But that wasn't enough for me! Monday morning, we went to Mud Lake. I took a couple of photos. And I was happy.

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