Friday, September 3

Let's Try That Again

The first day of school ended badly when my children were whisked away to daycare instead of sent home on the bus. I spoke with the head of the daycare, and I sent a letter to the teacher. Then we tried it again.

Here are the results:

Perfection! I was thrilled! The best bit was that the girls came in and told me what a wonderful day they had, and even mentioned a name of a couple of students in their class. They had a terrific time during recess and liked their new teachers.

Did they eat their Princess Pasta? No. Despite the fact that this time, I was careful to put the Thermos in their lunch bags. Apparently, they couldn't open their Thermoses by themselves. I asked them why they didn't ask their teacher for help. They told me that the teacher wasn't in the classroom during lunch time. I felt rage rising within me at the thought of the students being alone while they ate. I said, "There were no adults while you ate?!". Bethie responded that there were no teachers, but there were helpers. Relieved, I asked her why she didn't ask the helpers for help. The idea hadn't occurred to her. Sigh.

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