Tuesday, September 14

The Tooth

Katie got off the school bus yesterday and started crying. She said that she had broken her tooth on the bus. I panicked, as I am known to do, and demanded to know what had happened. She said that she had flicked her tooth with her finger nail, and now it was going to fall out. Sure enough, the tooth was very wiggly. It was all I could do not to race inside and call the dentist. I thought that I should at least get some more information before making the call.

I asked Katie to flick my tooth just like she had flicked her own. She did. It wasn't very hard. Needless to say, my tooth did not go flying out of my mouth! I asked her if she had been punched, or had something bang her in the face. Katie reassured me that nothing of the sort had occurred.

That left only one reason why this tooth was so wiggly: she's starting to lose her baby teeth! I explained this to my little girl who was devastated by the upcoming loss of her tooth. She sobbed, "But that was my favourite tooth!". Then she announced that she would never, ever be able to eat again.

Both twins went next door to break the news to Roxanne, their 5 year old friend. Roxanne didn't particularly care because she has already lost some teeth... a couple were prematurely lost as she ripped them out of her mouth in her eagerness to see the Tooth Fairy. However, Roxanne did hand out some cookies. Turns out Katie can eat. But only cookies.At dinner time, she announced that she cannot eat chicken. I announced that she didn't have a hope of eating ice cream.

Bethie was a bit sad. She now wants to lose a tooth, too! She is really upset that the Tooth Fairy is going to leave "a little treasure" for Katie but not for her. I tried to console her, but really I was worried about what they were expecting from the Tooth Fairy. I thought a quarter would be lovely. Nope. They are quite sure that the Tooth Fairy will leave a treasure of sorts. Sigh. Why do the twins have to be sooooooo particular????

Anyway, I felt the need to mark the occasion. I took a photo of my baby with all of her baby teeth. Soon, there will be a gap in this pretty smile.

And I am sad. I understand that my babies have to grow up. I just don't know why all the growing up is happening all at once!

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