Sunday, September 11


Just after Sarah's first birthday, we bought a Bouncy Thing for the children. The twinnies enjoyed the Bouncy Thing, but Sarah loved it. In fact, it rapidly became one of her favourite outdoor activities.

Sarah is constantly asking me or Dan to inflate the Bouncy Thing. When the weather is lovely, we will haul the Bouncy Thing out, inflate it, let her bounce, and then haul it back in. However, she wants to bounce during the winter, she wants to bounce when it's raining. She wants to bounce just about all the time. Not for a long time, but at least once a day.

Recently, I had a brilliant idea.

I suggested to Dan that we (and by "we", I meant he) set up the Bouncy Thing in our unfinished basement. That way Sarah can bounce whenever she would like. And it would be great fun during the winter.

Dan didn't think this was a great idea.

Turns out, he was wrong.

He just needed to put things in perspective. Really, Dan should be happy. It could have been worse...

In July, my father had asked me what Dan wanted for his birthday. I told Dad that Dan really wanted Dad to buy my brother's old Bouncy Thing With An Attached Water Slide. So Dad bought us the massive new Bouncy Thing, and I reassured Dan that he did, in fact, want this for his birthday.

The twinnies love the water slide.

And Sarah like the attached Bouncy Thing.

Dan should be happy that this is not going into our basement...yet.

Also, my brother has upgraded to a Bouncy Thing with two water slides.

I have my eye on this one, too. But, as of right now, there are no plans to erect this in my basement.

My (comparatively) small Bouncy Thing becomes a reasonable compromise, right???


Granny said...

I LOVE it! Yes, Yes it is a wonderful comprimise! Happy Birthday Dan!

Bibliomama said...

Holy crap! Can we come over? (what kind of moron would NOT want that in an unfinished basement?)

Gwen said...