Wednesday, September 7

The Great Debate

Both Katie and Bethie got to make super big splatter canvases during their birthday party. Originally, Dan and I had planned to hang the paintings in their bedroom. However, once we got the canvases home, I realised that they matched my decor perfectly (yes, Mum, there is a theme to my decorating: chaos!). I wanted them more prominently displayed.

I decided to hang the two canvases over the couch.

This did not go over well.

You see, years ago, Dan's brother gave us a black and white photograph that he had taken himself, enlarged, and framed.  It's quite a good photo. Love the photo. However, Dan hung the photo over the couch. Small photo, big couch. It looked stupid. And I've had to look at it for years.

Dan wanted his brother's photo to remain above the couch:

I want the canvases above the couch:

Guess who won?!

Note: Yes, I know, the photograph and paintings were all hung too high (and off center). But Dan is the one in charge of getting things to stick to the walls. I've learned that he does not appreciate constructive criticism, like "Holy cow! When is the flood expected to hit?!". You win some, you lose some.


Granny said...

Another vote for the canvases!

Yabut said...

At least the pizza box is gone ;)

Gwen said...

Mum and Yabut: I've decided that neither Dan nor the children get a "vote" when it comes to decorating!

Yabut said...

Good rule! That's how it works here too. After all, my hubby only sleeps here, but I'm here all day. I get to decorate the house. He's in control the car stuff. :)

Another Sarah said...

The canvasses are gorgeous and the little piece of art below them is pretty nice too ;)

Twins Squared said...

I love those!

Finola said...

You totally win. Looks awesome!