Tuesday, September 13

Fancy Moi

Dan likes painting the walls in the house. He's not particularly good at it, unless you like the ceiling painted, too (I do not). He's also not particularly good at choosing paint colours. I learned that when he painted my tiny, windowless powder room "Holy Crap Blue" (yes, I believe that is  the official name).

Although, in all honesty, "Holy Crap Blue" is not as shocking as my cousin's bathroom, which he painted "WTF Orange".

Anyway, after Dan painted our living room, I strongly requested that he refrain from painting any more rooms in my house. That was about two years ago. For two years, Dan has been nagging and nagging me to let him paint another bathroom.

He wore me down.

I told Dan he could paint the bathroom, but I had to agree on the colour. I chose white (although I convinced him that it had a "rose undertone").

Dan  did a wonderful job. He primed the already white walls. And then he painted them white again. Simply beautiful. (Yes, I crack myself up).

But it was kind of ... boring.

Dan told me to leave the bathroom alone. He did not  want me to "fancy it up". Dan does not have the same approach to decor as I do. He likes classy things. He likes his rooms to look clean and modern and minimalistic. I like my house to look like a kindergarten classroom.

I promised to leave the bathroom alone, and Dan went to work.

Then I pulled out the paint.

How do you like the result?

Much better, eh?!

But the fun didn't end there, folks. We decided to fancy up the powder room, too!

"Cotton Candy Ice Cream" by Sarah

"A Bird in the Nest" by Katie (left)
"The Apple Tree" by Bethie
What did Dan say?

He was thrilled. Well, maybe not "thrilled", but he didn't take the paintings down...which wouldn't have been difficult considering I hung them up with thumb tacks.


Granny said...

Picasso reigns! Imagine having 3 of them! You are going to be a wealthy women and Dan will have to eat crow!

Another Sarah said...

Beautiful! I'm still waiting for some art from your lovely young artists! They do great work!

Yabut said...

Wow. The paintings in the bathroom and powder room are really beautiful. And Katie's Bird's Next one has an oriental look about it. I'm wondering about the couple kissing behind Bethie's apple tree though. You better keep a close eye on that girl! ;)

Bibliomama said...

Like. Then again, I also like the blue of the powder room - Eve's old room was half aqua half royal blue and her new one is half aqua half purple - so I guess I'm in the overlap section of yours and Dan's personal colour wheel.

alison said...

The pictures are gorgeous. Picasso, watch out, there's competition in town.

Gwen said...

Mum: I didn't realise you liked the paintings SO MUCH. Now, I feel badly. I will have the children create some art for YOUR home. You're welcome.

Another Sarah: Your paintings are ready, all you have to do is pop over and pick them up!

Yabut: I never saw the people kissing behing the tree, until you pointed it out!!! The blobs around the tree stump are meant to be forts. :)

Bibliomama: The Holy Crap Blue can only truly be appreciated in person. But Eve's room sounds great! (The twins would be jealous)

Alison: Thanks!

Double the Giggles said...

I LOVE this idea!!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked about you chosing white paint (even with a rose undertone) for your bathroom. I read this blog a few days ago, and am still not over my surprise!!!!