Friday, September 2

Splatter Party

I decided to have a Splatter Party for the twins 6th birthday. I booked the party for the day before their actual birthday. Because their birthday fell on a Monday. Because it's easier to have a party on the weekend. Because it was no big deal.


The twins were rather insistent that they have their party on their birthday, not the day before. So, I lied to them. I told them that their birthday was on the Sunday and that everyone else was confused about the date. They bought it. Thank God.

Anyway, they had a lovely time with their friends, covering canvases (and themselves!) in paint.

The children had to fling the paint on to their canvases.

It was a very messy procedure.

Everyone was covered in paint.

Only one person cared.

OK, two people cared...but Katie was "painted" intentionally by a little darling she had invited to the party.

Bethie is soooo animated. Sarah kept going to the basin to wash her hands, but she always came back for more fun.

These balloons were filled with paint, and the children had to pop them over the canvases.

Blowing out the candles on the Splatter Cake.

All the children gasped when they saw all the colours inside the cake. It totally made all the work worth it!

Everyone had a great time!


Alicia said...

Wow, amazing! You're cake turned out awesome. Way to go! Great memories here.

Yabut said...

Wow. That looks like great fun! Where is this place where you can splatter paint around and not have to clean up. I hope all the parents understood that their kids cloths would be "redesigned". That picture of Katie cracked me right up!

Bibliomama said...

4 Cats? LOVED it. I want to have MY birthday party there. Still blown away by that cake.

Gwen said...

Yabut: They party was held at the 4 Cats Art Studio Hintonburg (on Wellington near Parkdale). Yup, all the parents knew in advance that the clothes were going to be ruined. Lucky for us, the twins dresses were already covered in paint. Sigh.

Bibliomama: Thanks, that cake was a lot of effort. I'm so glad that Eve had a Splatter Party because that's what made me realise just how much fun it could be!