Friday, September 30

The etoN

Dan and I got a note home from the grade one teacher. It directed us to read the note Katie had written in her agenda. I must confess, folks, I expected the worst. Like a list of everything wrong with me!

I was pleasantly surprised when this is what I saw:

I studied what she had written, trying to sound it out. After a while, Dan gave me a clue.

Then I wrote a note back to the teacher saying:

"?melborp eht eb ot smees tahW".

(Okay, I didn't, but I wanted to!)


ynnarG said...

!ietaK rof dooG

Another Sarah said...

!lrig suineG

Bibliomama said...

In grade one Angus came home with a note he had written in his agenda. I said "what the hell does this say?". He said "it says 'finish math homework'". I said "No - it says 'i, backwards n, i, r". Glad the agenda is so informative and helpful. His grade one teacher retired after that year - no connection, I'm sure.

alison said...

That's so funny!