Thursday, September 1

The Splatter Cake

I decided that the twinnies would really like to have a Splatter Paint Party for their 6th birthday. It sounded like lots of fun, and I wouldn't have to clean up. Win, win.

But I needed a cake to match.

I mentioned this to my friend, Ali. We spent an unreasonable amount of time researching how we could make a Splatter Cake. And then we made it happen.

I delegated the icing of the cake to Ali because holy cow I hate doing it. Ali later delegated icing the sides of the cake to me. Ummm...that's the HARD part!

6 layers...because they were turning six years old. Katie asked if it was going to be 7 layers next year. Ummm...NO!

Ali delegated the rolling of the fondant to Dan. (Ali misunderstood why we invited her over. Her role was NOT to keep us in line. Instead, she was supposed to do the work FOR us. Sigh)

We let the children colour and muck about with the left over fondant. Yup, it was pretty disgusting. They insisted on saving it and eating it the next day.

Ali, Bethie, and Sarah

This photo cracks me up. I had asked the children to not eat the fondant. Katie thought that I wasn't looking!

This was the best we could do. Ali and I reassured ourselves that the SIX YEAR OLDS were not going to notice our "imperfections". (No one did)

We had to use forks to splash the "paint" onto the cake. I wanted Dan to steal some syringes, but he told me that he doesn't "steal" medical equipment. He's very particular in what he will, and will not, steal.

This was lots of fun...but messy. Thankfully, we had put the children to bed before we started this part.

Ta da!!!


Bibliomama said...

Why didn't I think of that? If you have one of those spinning paint contraptions it makes great splatter paint invitations. :) I just promised Eve we would splatter paint her backpack since we couldn't find one that was quite to her design specs.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Very fun..and holy cow, that is a tall cake!! YUM.

aliclark said...

lots of work! but I feel like we did a splendid job! :)

Granny said...

It was a wonderful cake and so in tune with the party theme! Slicing it was tricky - I don't know that I am looking forward to 7 layers next year!

Gwen said...

I am NOT doing a seven layered cake next year! :)