Saturday, September 3

The Unloved

When I was growing up, my brother had a friend named Francois. He wore glasses. He always seem to have them held together with tape. At the time, I wondered what was wrong with his mother. How could she send her child to school with his glasses held together by sticky tape? Didn't she love him?

Fast forward twenty-five years.

I have two daughters who need to wear glasses. These glasses cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars each. I wanted to get them glasses that were less expensive, but they all So, I splurged. Because the more expensive glasses flatter their little faces. And it's important to me that my daughters feel beautiful.

My dainty little daughters have managed to strain, break, and damages their glasses. Over and over again. Once, Bethie left her glasses on the floor by the front door. I didn't notice. Neither did Dan when he came home from work and flattened them. And it embarrasses me every time I have to take their glasses, which have been twisted in to the shape of a pretzel, in to be repaired.

Katie recently ripped Bethie's glasses off her face. More accurately, Katie ripped one arm of Bethie's glasses off her face. Bethie's glasses were presented to me in two pieces. I didn't yell. I got out the sticky tape.

I found that medical tape works better though.

I've learned that Francois was, in fact, loved by his mother. She was just at the end of her rope...or the end of her money! Or both!


Mum said...

Francois was indeed loved, however maybe not so much by his friends. As I recall his glasses were always patched at the bridge of his nose, probably from being "popped" in the nose by his "friend"...
Also, every kid I've ever known had their glasses repaired by white bandage tape - it is a right of passage!

Gwen said...

Francois did, indeed, have lots of other issues besides his glasses...

Medical tape holds much better than sticky tape. I can get about a week out of medical tape before I have to reapply. Sticky tape lasts about 6 hours. Also, sticky tape sucked at holding my car keys together, but medical tape is doing a great job. I do prefer electrical tape. That stuff can hold sandals together!!!