Friday, September 16

Mr. Cool And The Cow Train

When I first met Dan, I thought he was "cool". That lasted for about 2 days. I have spent the last 15 years laughing at Dan for his complete lack of coolness. And yet, there has been no improvement. So the laughter continues...

Dan and I took the children apple picking. And that's when it happened. Dan saw the "Cow Train" and simply couldn't resist a ride!

Some children, Dan, and Katie waiting for a ride on the Cow Train. Please note, Dan is the only adult going for a ride.

Katie is very excited.

Dan is...not as excited.

Bethie (left) and Katie use this waiting time to get in a couple of photographs.
Dan just waits. And waits. And waits. The children look around, and climb in and out of the Cow Train. And do things that children do. You know, the types of things that drive Dan crazy.

As the wait time increases, Dan's patience decreases...

 And off they went. Dan had so much fun, he rode the Cow Train again!

The man cracks me up!!!!!!!


Twins Squared said...

I love this post! First of all my husband tries to be cool but always worried about looking like a dork. He would be a lot cooler in my eyes if he would just be himself and not worry about everything else. So I think it's great that your husband is NOT cool because he is probably more fun!

Then again, I see the look on his face and that is why I really love this post because that is a very familiar look that I see on my own husband quite a bit! Glad he rode it again! That's funny too!

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

I don't know if he's cool, but he's definitely a good sport.