Thursday, September 22

Fresh From The Vine

In June, Bethie convinced me to buy a watermelon plant. Truthfully, it would be more accurate to say that buying the watermelon plant was a compromise because Bethie had wanted to grow corn. In suburbia. In my opinion, watermelon was a better choice.

So, I bought the plant and stuck it in the back corner of my garden. In the shade. In an area that I barely water. Needless to say, the watermelon didn't thrive.

Every once in a while, Bethie would check on her watermelon. I felt badly. I tried to prepare her for the fact that the vine wouldn't produce any watermelon. Time passed, and Bethie gave up on the watermelon.

The other day, I was preparing the garden for winter. I pulled out the neglected watermelon plant and went to throw it in the compost. Dan said, "Oh look, there are watermelons".

I was shocked. I called Bethie to have a look. She was thrilled as she picked three watermelons.

Don't get too excited, they weren't very big.

Bethie held this one up and declared it to be Sarah's, as it was so small ... and so is Sarah.

This one was slightly bigger, but it was smashed in half before I got a picture of it. It was still white on the inside. Bethie gave this watermelon to Katie.

The last watermelon, and the one that Bethie kept for herself.

Even thought this watermelon was red on the inside, I informed Bethie that it couldn't be eaten. I was too late. Apparently, it CAN be eaten.
I told Bethie that I would buy a watermelon plant again next year. I will plant it in the sun, and even water it. I may even add a little bit of Miracle Grow to give it a wee boost. Bethie is very excited. In fact, she responded so positively that I just might decide to grow corn.

(Dan will read this post and declare that there is no way I will be allowed to grow corn in our garden. However, he won't be at all surprised when it appears!)


Granny said...

How wonderful Bethie! You must have a "green thumb" just like your Mummy!

Finola said...

Cute watermelons!
Cuter Girl!!

Gwen said...

What? I do have a "green thumb"! What I lack is patience...