Thursday, September 15

Not Good Enough

I'm a lucky girl.

Some people walk blindly through life thinking that they are pretty good, or at least, good enough. I know better. I have three children who are kind enough to give me a detailed list of my shortcomings. The list is constantly updated, and no detail is too small not to mention.

This morning, I was informed that I was a complete and utter failure as a mother. Why? Because I have failed to take a picture (or a hundred) of the twinnies each and every day before they went to school.


I thanked both twins for chastising me because this clearly is a significant shortcoming. I also thanked them for raising their voices, as I have great difficulty appreciating the seriousness of their concerns unless it is shouted directly into my face.

I quickly got my camera out, and proceeded to have a photo shoot. At 7am. Sigh.



Bethie (l) and Katie

Bethie (l) and Katie

Bethie (l) and Katie

My favourite of the twinnies.
With the photo shoot completed, I thought that I would be back in the children's good books.

Not quite.

As the twinnies were walking out the door to catch the bus, I handed them each an umbrella. Just in case. Because I care.

Bethie said, "Is it going to rain today?". I replied that I wasn't 100% sure, but it might rain in the morning.

Bethie, knowing that I am prone to make mistakes and I need to be carefully monitored, said "Didn't you check the Weather Network?". I assured the little darling that I had, in fact, checked the weather, but the weather man's "best guess" was that it  might rain. I said that no one knows for sure, but the cold wind and the dark clouds are kinda a hint.

Bethie said, "God knows for sure". Quite right, but I am not God, nor does He feel the need to update me every morning on the state of the weather.

Not good enough.

I hear that raising little girls is tough, and it will only get harder. Really? I don't think that my self-esteem will endure, especially when I need to be as all knowing as God!!!


Granny said...

They are remarkable and wonderful and I'm sure you will improve in time ( however it might take about 20 years). Hang in there and remember they only criticize because they love you and are trying to help you become all that you can be!

Lara said...

This morning I told Kiernan to put something warm on. He asked if that was because it was going to be cold. I said I thought so. His response? Well did you check the weather on your ipad or not?
Smartass. Just put on your sweater and be quiet ;)

Yabut said...

Just wait until they are teenagers. YOU won't know anything at all! And that likely won't inprove until they have kids of their own.