Tuesday, September 6

Fairies and Lanterns

In August, Mum and I took the children to a lantern making workshop. We thought it would be fun. It was. It was also very hot!
Sarah took great care in decorating her lantern. She really enjoyed herself.

Bethie enjoyed having Granny help her.

Katie initially enjoyed making her own lantern. Then she delegated the rest. Sigh.
On August 20th, Dan and I took the children downtown to the Lumiere Festival. It was fun. The girls really like everyone commenting on how cute they looked.

Katie, Sarah, and Bethie all dressed up and ready for the Lumiere Festival.
Katie was a bit disappointed. She had envisioned everyone dressing up as fairies and then parading through the streets with lanterns in hand. When she realised that she wouldn't be a star of the parade (and that there wouldn't be a parade at all!), she was inconsolable. I felt badly.

At one point, massive lanterns were sent off into the night sky. There were huge crowds around them, and the children couldn't get too close. After the last lantern had been set off, the crowds dispersed. Dan and I sat down and gave the children some juice. After about 5 minutes, another lantern was produced. My children got an excellent view of the entire operation. In fact, we kept having to tell them to take a step back!

This lantern, we told the twins, was especially for them. They had to make a Birthday Wish, and the lantern would carry their wish into the sky. This pleased them to no end!

When we were leaving, the International Fireworks Festival was just beginning. It was perfect timing! I left Dan and the children on the side of the road to watch the fireworks while I went to find the car. By the time I returned, the children were begging for bed. YAY! We'll definitely go again next year.

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Granny said...

As Peter Pan said: Clap if you believe in fairies! I've been clapping so hard I have fairies at the bottom of my garden and I love them all.